Thank you for stopping by at our prices page.  Other than our homepage itself this is our most visited page on the Wedding DJ France website.  We understand that getting married does not come for free and we are aware that whilst you are planning for your amazing Wedding celebrations, keeping to your budget and ensuring value for money is an important element of any couple’s planning when organising their wedding in France.

The fact that you are reading this page means that we have already succeeded in getting your interest thus far.  So why should you book with us and how do we define our “value” as your Wedding DJ supplier in France?

Well firstly, we are registered professional DJ’s and we take pride in the excellent service we provide.  This means that we take our role as your Wedding DJ very seriously and we understand the huge responsibility that goes with being in charge of your party. More importantly, we know exactly how to make sure your own special party is the best ever and is one that your friends and family will talk about for years.  We use the best quality professional DJ equipment and we always carry back up gear to every venue.  This imortant element ensures that our client’s party doesn’t crash in the rare event that one of our components does…

We offer a prestige service designed for clients who want to ensure total piece of mind by booking a quality British DJ who will have empathy with their guests and who will relate to the musical taste of the audience.  What we also offer is extensive experience of what it takes to make a Wedding party rock and how to ensure people dance and have a good time.  We are competent in our DJ art, Technically slick and always mixing and blending the music vibe of your party to keep the energy high.  Yet we are ready to change the musical genre, pace or rhythm at the drop of a hat in order to suit the moment or just to lift the party even higher.  All this expertise is wrapped up in a quality sound delivery combined with a dazzling light show.

For the reasons above, it is almost certain that we will never be the lowest cost DJ option you can find in France and if price is your main factor in making your choice, we will probably not be the best fit for your wedding project or event.  But buyer beware! In rural France you will very much get what you pay for and most French DJ’s will simply lack the knowledge of UK and international music and will be unable to connect with you and your guests.

Our wedding and standard We offer a huge range of additional options and services - please ask us for details DJ and Disco Packages start from £795 GBP or the current € Euro equivalent – We also offer a wide range of bespoke options and can build the perfect event together with you to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the ultimate wedding party.

Should you wish to find out more about our packages and options or to request for a no obligation quotation, please contact us using the enquiry box to the right of this page for more details of our English Wedding DJ and Mobile Disco services in France.

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