Electrical Power and Safety Requirements for Mobile Discos

Wedding DJ France – Electrical Power and Safety Requirements.

Mobile discos by their nature require and consume a considerable amount of power and therefore an adequate and secure electrical supply is paramount to ensure personal safety, to reduce the risk of injury and also to avoid costly damage to sensitive electrical equipment.

Below is a list of our required specification for various common secenarios. These are based on standard installations for  up to 150 guests:

1. For standard indoor installations

Minimum of 2 x standard dedicated 13 amp sockets
1 x dedicated 16 amp socket

Power sockets must ideally be located within no more than 5 metres distance to the set up area and must not be provided by an extension lead or reel

2. Outdoor installations (Marquees etc)

In all circumstances where the setup is to be outside of a main building for the installation we require a 100% dry and protected area with enclosed sides to avoid moisture from dew as temperatures fall.

Minimum of 2 x standard dedicated 13 amp sockets
1 x dedicated 16 amp socket

In many cases power will be provided from nearby buildings or from a standalone generator and for most events of this type power is also often needed for the kitchens and catering, bar, other entertainment such as bands, main marquee lighting, LED uplighters. Even outside lighting, portable toilets, heating systems, ventiliation etc.

Disco equipment requires a dedicated supply so in order to supply the mobile disco (sound and lighting) equipment, the generator must benefit from a feature called Automatic Voltage Regulation (known as AVR). Professional generators for event usage will typically have AVR. Standard generators for exterior power tool usage etc are noisy and without AVR so are not adapted to power sound and lighting mobile disco gear and equipment.

For most marquee discos, where power is supplied from a suitable generator, we require 2 x 13 amp metalclad sockets, either 1 x 32 amp feed or two separate 16 amp feeds. It is important these sockets are available uniquely for the use of the disco and not run via splitters. This can result in insufficient power which can provoke circuits tripping during your event meaning a very dark and somewhat quiet party!

3. Sound Limiters

Clients are requested to check if your venue operates a Sound Limiter. Sound limiters work by monitoring the sound and volume levels in a room and then brutally cutting the supply power to the Disco equipment in the event that the set levels are exceeded.

Sound limiters are problematic as they cause disruption to your event whilst we reset. They also can damage our sensitive electronics and sound equipment potentialy mean cutting your entertainment short should an outage damage our kit. Clients will be held liable as part of our contractual agreement for the cost of repair and or replacment should our equipment be damaged as a result of a sound limiter interrupting power to our equipment.

For larger venues and groups of guests please consult us regarding power requirements.